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In response to the government’s agenda for sustainable design – in particular the TSB call for design and decision tools for low carbon construction – BLP has created project ‘Butterfly’. BLP is collaborating with Willmott Dixon, UCL Energy Institute and University of Cambridge Centre for Sustainable Development to create this IT aid to calculate life cycle cost and the environmental impact of the design and components for both new build and refurbished residential buildings.

Butterfly will help to simplify the approach to two of the key issues facing our industry, reducing carbon and energy use and the drive towards Building Information Modelling, both of which are key Government targets. Butterfly will:

  • provide detailed performance data on a building design in its very early stages 
  • link early stage (CAD) feasibility design with data and measures of life cycle and environmental performance
  • provide outputs showing how the design will perform in terms of life cycle cost and maintenance, operational energy and embodied carbon cost measured against industry targets 
  • be enabled through access to data provided independently and transparently by BLP, and built up over the course of 30 years of research into the components’ and materials’ performance
  • save time, money and waste for the builder and will give the developer and consumer an audited design with measurable sustainability claims

Further information

For more information please contact Jeff Maxted, Director of Technical Consultancy at BLP, on 020 7204 2466 or email jeff.maxted@blpinsurance.com

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