We provide scheme specific Life Cycle Costing assessments based on the actual form of construction and components specified. Our database of over 40,000 components enables our clients to benefit from an unrivalled level of detail in order to balance capital costs against costs in use. We can substitute and compare alternative components across every aspect of the design to provide the optimum solution for clients’ needs and budgets – allowing the potential consequence of design choices to be realised before financial commitments are made.

This service is of maximum value to developers with a long term interest in the property such as RSLs and the Build to Rent sector. In such cases minimising the “cost-in-use” of a building is essential and provides an invaluable contribution to promoting sustainability. The service is available for new build, conversions and refurbishments.

Applying life cycle costing to entire buildings can be a daunting task. When BLP designed the Life Cycle Costing (LCC) tool in 2009, with funding from the Homes and Communities Agency (known as the Housing Corporation at the time), we set out to make it easier. We set out to deliver a better way of assessing risk, saving costs, and protecting assets.

Our LCC tool provides an uncomplicated method of demonstrating a commitment to value for money and compliance with HCA Guidelines. The tool provides British Standard compliant life cycle cost analyses of archetype HCA house types, with just a few clicks on screen.

For more information please contact Jeff Maxted, Director of Technical Consultancy at BLP, on 020 7204 2466 or by emailing jeff.maxted@blpinsurance.com

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