More long-term commitment

BLP understands the long-term objectives that Housing Associations need to implement and work to. As a trusted partner, we will support your team with help and advice in respect of the insurance provisions when needed.

Policies tailored for the Housing Association sector

BLPSECURE and BLPSECUREPLUS offer different benefits depending on your business needs and the development you want covered, including whether you need cover for M&E and non-structural elements.

Value for money

You are the beneficiary of the insurance. We actively manage any conceivable barrier to an effective working relationship between us and our Housing Association clients.

We're easy to use - there is no membership process and no registration fees are required.

Maximum asset lifecycle value

We will respond flexibly to your choice of innovative or off-site system and bring you clarity on the lifecycle aspects of your investment decision.

Our in-depth technical review helps minimise defects and maximise the longevity of your asset.

For more information please call us on 020 7204 2424

Pentland Housing Association is a registered social landlord providing nearly 500 general amenity houses in Caithness, North Scotland. Over the last 10 years we have had a development programme of 150 properties and BLP has been our preferred insurance partner as it meets all the requirements of our business; its attitude, quick response time and overall level of service lends itself perfectly to our stock profile.

Alan Paul, Property Manager - Pentland Housing Association Ltd

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