Our products are designed to be the first port of call for construction defects, specifically so that beneficiaries don’t have to look around either for who’s responsible or for how to hold someone to account.

Here's how you benefit:

  • We don't expect a builder or contractor to have to come back and fix something - whether in the first 2 years or later (excludes water ingress in year 1) - this means we aim for “right first time” construction, which is surely better for everyone
  • We offer you a clear and robust insurance policy, not a warranty, with wording that shows you exactly what you're covered for 
  • Our policies are underwritten by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty - a global AA rated insurer - providing you with the sort of peace of mind you are looking for in uncertain times
  • Since we don't require proof of fault, we aim to reduce the delays and counterclaims that can be familiar in building disputes - this probably frees up your time, money and resources
  • The option of including the whole project team in the cover means we can help work towards collaborative integration and start to change the silo-based habits in the industry
  • In the event of insolvencies or withdrawals of main or subcontractors mid-project, the policy arrangements can continue as they were

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