Our market leading Housing Warranty Insurance offers you more than the traditional 'warranty'.

Traditional new home 'warranties' were not designed to meet the developing needs of many of those investors looking at the UK residential housing sector. Typical warranty products are offered without sufficient levels of cover to match the millions of pounds invested in many large developments.

Scheme limits of £25m for new builds and only £5m for conversions, as well as limits on individual units of only £1m and £500k respectively, are leaving thousands of new build properties woefully underinsured. This is a problem for residents, homeowners and investors alike, who in particular, are left financially exposed to any shortfall should a significant building defect arise.

Further considerations for investors today are the potential insolvency of development partners and the emergence of the 'Build to Let' sector. If a contractor becomes insolvent during the build, this can have serious consequences for the funder/investor. Warranties need to be re-arranged at additional, and more often than not, hugely increased costs.

If a funder/investor is acting as development partner in a joint venture and intends to retain units or is developing a 'Build to Let' scheme, some traditional third party warranties will not respond in the event of a claim made by any party involved within the delivery of that scheme – a further potential exposure on the investor/funder's capital.

Unrivalled investment protection for investors and funders.

The Allianz insurance policy we offer sits with the building rather than the builder, so any change of the professional team – due to insolvency for example – incurs no penalty for the developer/investor.

Policies are bespoke to each scheme and are written to cover the full rebuild value of any asset regardless of size. Whether residential or commercial, new build or conversion, our 'All-Party' cover ensures financial peace of mind to buyers, tenants, developers, funders and investors alike.

  • Protects your investment against the consequence of building defect
  • Enhances your offer to potential residential and commercial tenants
  • Provides comprehensive, 'All-Party' cover for every aspect of the build
  • Negates the need for traditional collateral warranties
  • Loss of Rent, Business Interruption, M&E, and full component cover available

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