The HomeOwners Alliance and BLP Insurance have carried out research which illustrates 85% of millennials struggle to save for a deposit for their first house. It is down to this that most of this generation have given up on the idea of becoming a homeowner. Because of this unfortunate reality, banks are looking for different solutions in order to get more first time buyers onto the housing ladder.

Kim Vernau, CEO of BLP Insurance, examines the impact of the recent General Election result and what it means for the construction industry. Having successfully snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, Theresa May’s government has now recommenced the business of Parliament on a “confidence and supply” basis with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).

The 2017 Homeowners Survey, an annual study conducted by the HomeOwners Alliance and BLP insurance, has revealed that over 250,000 fewer non-homeowners aspire to own their own property. This is the first time in five years that there has been a drop in the number of non-homeowners who aspire to own.

An increasing number of British people see housing as a problem, with a rising number of non-homeowners giving up on ever buying a home, new research has revealed.

BLP Insurance has worked with Marsh Ireland to offer the MARSH BUILDPROTECT latent defects insurance product for the residential and mixed use development construction sector in the Republic of Ireland. The ten year policy will cover the cost of putting right insured properties in the event of structural defects arising after completion and is also underpinned by an independent technical appraisal aimed at minimising defects from the design stage.

It is not enough to simply build more houses; rather there should be a focus on creating quality homes. Kim Vernau, CEO of BLP Insurance explains. After weeks of delay, the government's housing White Paper was met with a mixed reception, with the overall market sentiment being one of disappointment. This White Paper was never going to be the silver bullet to remedy a dysfunctional market overnight.

The UK has begun the official process of leaving the European Union but Brexit has already affected the decision of over a million people not to move home this year, new research suggests. Kim Vernau, CEO, BLP Insurance highlights the importance of clarity for homebuyers. 

Ageing and inadequate infrastructure, which fails to meet our society’s changing demographics and lifestyle needs presents an increasing challenge for the future of our UK cities. Kim Vernau, CEO, BLP Insurance highlights the key points raised at an interactive discussion organised for industry peers on the role of sensors and data in informing sustainable design and management decisions within the built environment. Guest speaker Jennifer Schooling, director of the Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction at the University Cambridge, provided an engaging insight into the world of engineering and advances being made to harness information more effectively in infrastructure projects.

In this structural warranty supplement, Kim Vernau (Chief Executive Officer of BLP Insurance) highlights how you can have both quantity and quality when it comes to building new homes – especially pertinent after the launch of the Government’s recent housing white paper.

At a local, national and global level business as usual simply isn’t working when it comes to construction and the urban environment, and the cost of inaction is becoming increasingly clear. Kim Vernau, CEO, BLP Insurance highlights the key points raised at an interactive discussion organised for industry peers on the drivers for sustainability in construction and the urban environment. Guest speaker Charles Secrett, co-founder of The Robertsbridge Group, led the thought provoking debate on the essential roles and responsibilities for insurers, construction professionals and city planners to help accelerate a sustainable and prosperous future.

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