"Building Offsite: The Answer to Shortages?" - Housing Association Yearbook 2015

  • Date: 31/05/2015
"Building Offsite: The Answer to Shortages?" - Housing Association Yearbook 2015

BLP's Jeff Maxted, Director of Technical Consultancy, discusses the use of building offsite as a solution to the issue of housing shortages in the UK and how concerns regarding this method are being addressed.

"It has been well documented that the UK is suffering from an acute housing shortage, with anything from 100,000 - 150,000 more homes having to be built every year than we are currently building. It is clear that traditional house builders will not bridge this gap alone and inevitably there will be pressure on Housing Associations to help meet this demand.

"With the cost of construction rocketing due to a lack of skilled labour, and the scarcity of many traditional construction materials it is no surprise that Housing Associations are beginning to look seriously at how they can embrace offsite or non-traditional forms of construction to improve the quality of home they will be building.

"This idea of durability is paramount for Housing Associations who have a long term interest in how the building will perform over time without incurring high maintenance costs along the way. The benefits are obvious; speed of erection, consistency of materials and manufacture, certainty of performance and, if the volume can be assured, a reduction in construction costs.

"For the UK residential market, many concerns around the use of modern methods of construction are being addressed by the implementation of the BuildOffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS), which provides long term assurance to mortgage lenders, valuers, landlords and homeowners that properties built from non traditional forms of construction will be durable for at least 60 years without the need for disproportionate maintenance.'

The full article is published in the Housing Association Yearbook 2016.

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