Homeowner survey reveals 82% of adults support plans for estate agent regulation - PBC Today

  • Date: 09/04/2018

According to a new Homeowner Survey, a massive 82% of UK adults back government proposals requiring estate agents to be licensed. The 2018 Homeowner Survey, an annual study conducted by the HomeOwners Alliance and BLP Insurance and polled by YouGov, to examine the concerns, views, and issues affecting British homeowners and aspiring homeowners, found that the vast majority of respondents (82%) support the idea of a government-backed license requiring estate agents to pass standardised tests before being able to practice.

The study also found that 80% of UK adults are in favour of buyers being required to prove they have necessary funds to buy the property before putting in an offer, while 75% back the introduction of a reservation agreement which requires buyers and sellers to put down a non-refundable deposit to commit both sides earlier in the process and increase the certainty that the sale will go through and at the price agreed.

Kim Vernau, Chief Executive of BLP Insurance said:

“Yesterday’s announcement from the government is a welcome first step towards improving the house purchasing process for consumers. As is evidenced by the results of the 2018 Homeowners Survey, consumers wish to see improvements across the selling and purchasing process. The use of voluntary reservation agreements to prevent sales falling through and a crackdown on gazumping will serve to ease the stress that purchasers have to endure. Clarifying the forms of redress available to purchasers post sale would also support purchasers in resolving issues swiftly and effectively.”

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