Is offsite really the answer to our housing problems? - CIOB / BIM+

  • Date: 03/06/2018

Politicians are setting great store in offsite manufactured housing delivering in both numbers and quality. Momentum is gathering pace but are factory-made homes really on the road to becoming mainstream? Denise Chevin reports.

On paper, the stars couldn’t be any more aligned to nurturing a revolution in housebuilding. A post-Brexit labour market, a public outcry over poorly built traditional homes, and a government pressuring the industry to build 300,000 homes a year – they all play to the strengths of building in the factory, rather than on site.

And sure enough, an explosion in activity is taking place, with new players continuing to come into the market, albeit with hurdles still to clear. When BIM+ took the temperature in November 2017 there was considerable optimism in the market.

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