Modern Methods of Construction and new ‘players’ critical to solving UK housing shortages – Mortgage Solutions

  • Date: 10/11/2017

'To address the chronic shortage of housing supply in the UK, panelists at the UK Finance Annual Mortgage Conference say that adopting modern construction methods and bringing in new players into the market are crucial steps to a successful response, but there remain obstacles' - writes Tim Chen of Mortgage Solutions

Samantha Ferneley, business development executive at BLP Insurance, was one of the panelists and said: “The UK is facing a chronic housing shortage, but a solution exists if the industry embraces modern construction and brings new players to our housing market.

“It takes a lot to convince people along with this. we’re a country used to bricks and mortar, we like bricks and mortar — so this is a massive change.

“When we look at the far east, Scandinavia and Europe, you see that this is their choice — and it’s lifestyle housing, it’s well designed, it’s efficient, it’s green, it’s quicker to put up. But we have reservations in this market.”

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