"Partnership is key for PRS success" - Mortgage Introducer

  • Date: 08/12/2014
"Partnership is key for PRS success" - Mortgage Introducer

"The Private Rented Sector (PRS) is a well assured model, particularly for developers and investors.  There are an increasing number of schemes across the country currently in the negotiation phase and there is a real opportunity to bring more of these to fruition, particularly using institutional money.  This has to be the way forward.

"When we talk about PRS in terms of policy and strategy, we are all in agreement.  Where all involved parties need to overcome their differing opinions is how these schemes will look and operate, both in terms of places to live and as vehicles for investment. Should design be approached for a type of tenant or asset class, or do we continue to pursue the specific build model which builders and the market are familiar and comfortable with?  Housing is at the top of the agenda right now and a major concern across the country.  With significant cross party support, local authorities, private developers and institutional investors all need to work together to meet the political, investor and tenant demand."

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