"Public 'more relaxed about agents' fees' claims survey" - Estate Agent Today

  • Date: 24/03/2015

The HomeOwners Alliance survey, sponsored by BLP Insurance and myhomemove, indicates that the public's concerns regarding agents' fees have decreased, while other factors, such as opportunities for first time buyers, have become more important.

'Out of a sample of 2,214 in the HOA’s 2015 survey, some 57 per cent say that estate agents’ charges are a ‘somewhat serious’ or ‘very serious’ concern to them - but that is down from 64 per cent a year ago.

Concern about solicitors’ fees has fallen from 61 per cent a year ago to 53 per cent this year.

And concern about the general house-moving process has fallen from 58 per cent to 51 per cent.

The figures are just some of those released by the HOA showing that public confidence in the housing market is bouncing back. Its survey, conducted with myhomemove and BLP Insurance, says people’s concerns about housing have receded ‘across the board’ over the last year.'

For the full article go to the Estate Agent Today website.

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