Top 60: Private Rented Sector Developments of the Year - Inside Housing

  • Date: 16/08/2015
Top 60: Private Rented Sector Developments of the Year - Inside Housing

Inside Housing is showcasing the best 60 developments of the last year - sponsored by BLP Insurance. The list is split into 10 categories of excellence which will be revealed over the next few weeks. Michael Atherton reports on the best private rented sector developments of the year.

Jeff Maxted, director of technical consultancy, BLP Insurance comments: "The private rented sector (PRS) has a key role to play in helping the UK overcome the chronic shortage of new homes. We are proud to be sponsoring this new category at this year’s Inside Housing Top 60 Developments, which showcases the most innovative, inspiring and scalable developments that are setting an example for excellence in the sector.

"The model for PRS is well assured, particularly for developers and investors looking at secure, large-scale developments, and we are already seeing real momentum in the sector. Renting is no longer a second-rate choice, with a fifth of households in the UK already living in the PRS - a proportion which is set to rise to a quarter in 2025.

"If the PRS is going to be successful in meeting the lack of supply of new homes, we need to take responsibility for making sure that the initiative is sustainable and that we are building homes to last. The PRS Development of the Year category highlights the importance of building quality and innovative properties which are fit for purpose in the long-term.

"The award also demonstrates the exciting opportunity that PRS presents for innovation. The scale and repeatability of PRS lends itself to modern methods of construction, such as build offsite, that are much quicker and more efficient.

"We hope that the winner of this award will inspire developers to keep the momentum going and create a successful PRS that provides a long-term solution to the housing crisis."

For the short list and more information please visit the Inside Housing website.

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