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This year BLP once again sponsored the RIBA London Building of the Year Award, which this year was awarded to New Court by OMA with Allies and Morrison at the RIBA London Awards on 20th June. Technical Director, Jeff Maxted,...

BLP has built on last year’s “Revolution” themed marketing campaign with the launch this month of a new crusade that updates the iconic image of Liberty Leading the People by Eugène Delacroix that was at the heart of the last...

BLP has appointed David Hackett as a technical consultant. With many years experience in the Local Authority arena, David brings considerable knowledge and expertise to the company.  He says: “Over the years, I have...

BLP launched its first major marketing campaign last year with the memorable image by De La Croix of Liberty leading the People – this year that campaign has been updated with even bolder, innovative images including familiar...

As of the 1st May 2012 BLP has a new Chief Executive Officer and a new Chairman. Kim Vernau has been appointed...

Using offsite manufactured systems and other innovative construction techniques in the residential sector has been held back by the fact that, although developers and clients are often keen to adopt and use them, mortgages on the...

New £1m homes may not be covered. This month’s publication of Land Registry figures for 2011 shows that 153 new homes were sold in London for over £1 million last year – not a great shock since 57% of all British property...

BLP was short listed for the Best Marketing Initiative at last night’s Housebuilder Awards and, although their Revolution campaign was overlooked for the prize, the team had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

If you missed the first flight of the BLP Butterfly, BLP is repeating the introductory presentation that it hosted in September as part of the World Green Building Week. That event launched Butterfly and prompted a lively discussion amongst the audience of construction and environmental professionals.

According to data from Wilkins Kennedy, the accountancy firm, 948 construction companies went bust in the first quarter of 2011. The hardship of this is obviously being felt by the people involved in the companies but the effects spread out far wider as Brian Kilroy, BLP’s business development manager, explains: “It is not unusual for a developer to change contractor during a job or for a scheme to pass from one developer to another. However, even when the warranty provider has been involved from the commencement and has carried out all necessary inspections on site, making the necessary amendments often proves to be difficult!  In the majority of cases, the developer’s only option is to take out a completely new policy. This can be expensive and can even carry penalties for late registration because the works have already started!”

The phones rang, the emails were backing up, the paperwork was piling high and the December air was being ripped apart by wails of disappointment or whoops of joy. Why? BLP had launched its first online game to unsuspecting building, construction and project managers and insurance traders whose Friday lunch seemed to be inexplicably extended into Wednesday tea time! It might all be repeated today because BLP launches its second game where the enemy is breaching the castle walls and our plucky little revolutionary hero is relying on the player to left-click to defend his position and save him from the marauding hoard.

2011 RIBA LONDON BUILDING OF THE YEAR - sponsored by BLP announced today At an awards ceremony held at the V&A this morning, RIBA President elect Angela Brady announced that the RIBA London Building of the Year 2011 supported by BLP and The English Heritage Award for Sustaining the Historic Environment is the Chiswick House Café designed by Caruso St John Architects for the Chiswick House and Gardens Trust.

The annual RIBA Awards form the most prestigious, hotly contested and rigorously judged awards programmes of the year.  This year, BLP will sponsor the London Building of the Year- RIBA London’s top honour for buildings completed in the capital - the largest RIBA region in terms of entries.

Sustainability is both desirable in new homes and unavoidable as the Government has set 2016 as the target for zero carbon homes. 

As the year closes, a new trend is emerging that could cut off any growth in 2011at the knees and it affects anyone who is building, renovating, converting orextending residential property.

BLP invests six-figure sum in new marketing strategy

BLP, the technical buildings and insurance specialist, has just announced its latest residential market product Butterfly - a sustainability software tool designed to transform the business of housing construction

Building defects insurance specialist BLP has just appointed three key salespeople to work with builders and developers.

As Zurich Building Guarantee has just closed its doors to new building warranty business, BLP has already signed its first Zurich customer.

Construction defects insurance specialist BLP today announces the immediate availability of its new upgraded product: BLPASSET

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