We are the revolution

  • Date: 19/10/2010

BLP, the building defects insurance specialist, is investing in a new marketing
campaign with advertisements in the industry’s leading press with the strapline
“We are the revolution” and features the iconic image painted by Eugene
Delacroix of Liberty leading the French people to revolution. This message and
strong images will underline the ongoing campaign to show that BLP offers an
innovative and different solution to building defects insurance.

With 10 years’ experience and backing by a secure AA rated insurance policy
underwritten by Allianz*, BLP has two revolutionary points of difference: firstly, it
insures the property, not the developer and secondly, their technical review
process is renowned for its detail and the extent of its scope.

Managing Director, Simon Main, explains: “We genuinely are “the revolution” as
we are showing that there is an alternative to the standard Warranty Cover and
one that, we believe, results in a higher quality build with, therefore, a reduced
risk of latent defects. Our new marketing campaign is designed to show that we
offer a quality alternative to the traditional and established solutions.”

The major points of difference in BLP cover include the following points:

  • BLP insures the building not the builder
  • They do not ask for registration fees, bonds or indemnities
  • Premiums are based on the contract value plus any retained elements -
    not the sale value of the property.
  • BLP is flexible and can cover innovative construction and buildings that
    have been converted or refurbished.
  • BLP‘s cover starts from Legal Completion and includes cover for the first
    two years (excluding water ingress in year 1).
  • There is no traditional two year Developers’ Warranty Period.
  • For claims, only proof of damage is required not proof of liability.
  • The builder has an effective and proven technical review based on a
    structural checklist that is significant in the drive towards zero-defects.
  • BLP’s documentation for householders is clear, transparent and has been
    likened by householders to an “Owner’s Manual”.
  • BLP’s claims department is fast, efficient and friendly.

Main adds: “BLP has been established for 10 years and we are a subsidiary of
Thomas Miller so, although we believe we offer a revolutionary and far more
comprehensive method of managing the risk of defects, we are well established
and backed. Our unique technical review process is a three stage process that
includes a design audit, materials and component lifing and workmanship
checks. BLP’s revolutionary approach is aimed at changing the way the industry
and homeowners view building warranties and the time is ripe for a sea change.”

*Policy is underwritten by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty, UK Branch

For further information please call us on 020 7204 2424.

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