You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties

  • Date: 28/07/2013

Has the recession calmed our dream home aspirations?

A recent survey from BLP Insurance, the housing warranty provider, has revealed that the majority of homeowners surveyed would choose a luxury kitchen as the key feature if they were building their dream home over more excessive features including jacuzzis, nightclubs and bars.

The survey was carried out amongst homeowners living in the United Kingdom and found that over 40% of respondents would choose a luxury kitchen as the key feature in their dream home. Next on the wish list was a big garden with 27% of the votes followed by an indoor swimming pool with 12% and a walk-in wardrobe with 5%.

Other top desired features included a cinema room, wine cellar, gym and a balcony.  At the bottom of the list were hot tubs, a secret room, a television in the bathroom, stables, jacuzzi, nightclub and a bar.

Brian Kilroy, Business Development Manager at BLP Insurance, says: “The recession appears to have made people stop and think about their finances more carefully and be more realistic when dreaming about their perfect home. 

“Building your own home is often a lifelong ambition and isn’t something that should be entered into lightly.  While it’s important to think about what sort of features you would like to include, it is vital that you also take measures to protect your financial investment and seek housing warranty insurance to protect the property should any defects occur.  This will ensure that your home and your financial investment is fully protected in the event that anything goes wrong structurally at a later date.

“There are also lots of elements that should be considered at the start of the build which can reduce the risk of defects occurring later on in the project. Taking the time to inspect the groundwork and investing in a good reputable architect will pay dividends in the long-run.”

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