Bulk Terminals 2018

  • Location: Hamburg, Germany
  • From: 23/10/2018
  • To: 24/10/2018

BULK TERMINALS 2018: Improving safety, streamlining operations and ensuring environmental protection

The Annual Association of Bulk Terminal Operators (ABTO) Conference

Following the success of last year’s London conference — which featured high-level speakers from all sectors of industry and government, including former UK Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott — our Hamburg event will focus on the concerns of bulk terminal operators and will offer sound solutions.

Bulk Terminals 2018 will offer a full programme including:

  • Bulk sector and regional prospects
  • Hazards handing bulk cargo – upping the industry’s act on safety: mobile plant; slips, trips and falls; falling objects and hazardous substances
  • Streamlining operational efficiencies and improving turnaround time – ship loading / unloading and conveying technologies compared
  • Enhanced marketing of terminal operations – leading to improved performance
  • Investment drivers – operational, safety and environmental factors compared
  • Ensuing environmental protection –  ballast water and tank washings regulation are seen by many as a problem for ports, but maybe an opportunity for others?
  • Green port initiatives – including cold ironing and dust control
  • Security update – meeting the MSC deadline for Cyber Risk Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Skills and Training
  • Terminal operator Case Studies


Event website

Bulk Terminals 2018

Radisson Blu Hotel
Marseiller Straße 2
D-20355 Hamburg

Join TT Club's Regional Development Director, Andrew Huxley, at the conference.

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