An increasing number of British people see housing as a problem, with a rising number of non-homeowners giving up on ever buying a home, new research has revealed.

BLP Insurance has worked with Marsh Ireland to offer the MARSH BUILDPROTECT latent defects insurance product for the residential and mixed use development construction sector in the Republic of Ireland. The ten year policy will cover the cost of putting right insured properties in the event of structural defects arising after completion and is also underpinned by an independent technical appraisal aimed at minimising defects from the design stage.

It is not enough to simply build more houses; rather there should be a focus on creating quality homes. Kim Vernau, CEO of BLP Insurance explains. After weeks of delay, the government's housing White Paper was met with a mixed reception, with the overall market sentiment being one of disappointment. This White Paper was never going to be the silver bullet to remedy a dysfunctional market overnight.

The UK has begun the official process of leaving the European Union but Brexit has already affected the decision of over a million people not to move home this year, new research suggests. Kim Vernau, CEO, BLP Insurance highlights the importance of clarity for homebuyers. 

Ageing and inadequate infrastructure, which fails to meet our society’s changing demographics and lifestyle needs presents an increasing challenge for the future of our UK cities. Kim Vernau, CEO, BLP Insurance highlights the key points raised at an interactive discussion organised for industry peers on the role of sensors and data in informing sustainable design and management decisions within the built environment. Guest speaker Jennifer Schooling, director of the Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction at the University Cambridge, provided an engaging insight into the world of engineering and advances being made to harness information more effectively in infrastructure projects.

In this structural warranty supplement, Kim Vernau (Chief Executive Officer of BLP Insurance) highlights how you can have both quantity and quality when it comes to building new homes – especially pertinent after the launch of the Government’s recent housing white paper.

At a local, national and global level business as usual simply isn’t working when it comes to construction and the urban environment, and the cost of inaction is becoming increasingly clear. Kim Vernau, CEO, BLP Insurance highlights the key points raised at an interactive discussion organised for industry peers on the drivers for sustainability in construction and the urban environment. Guest speaker Charles Secrett, co-founder of The Robertsbridge Group, led the thought provoking debate on the essential roles and responsibilities for insurers, construction professionals and city planners to help accelerate a sustainable and prosperous future.

'UK housebuilding remains buoyant but overall construction output falls in October, says ONS' - Builder & Engineer. Despite a slowdown in overall construction output house building remained strong in October, which demonstrates the continuing importance of the sector on overall levels of activity, says Phil Harris, head of sales at BLP Insurance.

The UK construction industry faces irreversible decline over the next decade unless industry leaders, market participants and the government take fundamental steps right now to change how the industry works. Kim Vernau, CEO BLP Insurance, highlighted these key points at an interactive discussion organised for industry peers on the uncertain future of the UK construction industry, due to its growing skills shortage. Guest speaker Mark Farmer, CEO of Cast Consultancy, led a call to action, discussing the need for the adoption of more pre-manufacture led construction, with a greater use of automation, leading to a changing skills mix for the future which embraces digital engineering.

The evolving nature of how people live is creating a much needed catalyst for change in the built environment industries. Kim Vernau, CEO, BLP Insurance highlights the key points raised at an interactive discussion on “Building as a Service” organised for industry peers. Guest speaker Paul Fletcher led the thought provoking session, providing the context for change and posing the question of just how smart do we need to be to meet the needs of an agile society.

The shortage of homes in the UK continues to be a pressing issue for the construction industry. Recent measures to combat the situation have been both applauded and criticised, but they have also raised a debate over the quality of new build homes.

“The issues highlighted by this survey that face last time buyers are as acute as those issues encountered by first time buyers. If we wish to provide the required quality of housing that addresses these concerns, we desperately need an appropriate mix of well-designed homes alongside adequate local infrastructure to help address the current housing shortage.” - Kim Vernau, CEO, BLP Insurance


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