"Building offsite: The start of a new construction era?" - Construction News

  • Date: 28/11/2014

"So, new factories are being established, new concepts are being invented and value-engineering experts are back on the case, with new systems and materials that are being used and re-engineered in novel ways.

"We are now in an era where ‘passive house’ standards are common across Europe – not least because of the level of quality control that can be implemented in a factory compared with a construction site.

"The BuildOffSite Property Assurance Scheme was established to provide lenders and valuers with access to a database that would allow them to check whether a specific property has been built using a BOPAS-assessed method of construction.

"This gives them assurance that the form of construction should suffer no disproportionate maintenance for a minimum period of 60 years."

Read the full article on the Construction News website


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