"Housing market confidence bounces back" - Property Reporter

  • Date: 24/03/2015

"According to a survey conducted by the HomeOwners Alliance, myhomemove and BLP Insurance, confidence in the housing market is rebounding as concerns about stamp duty and negative equity fade away.

The report revealed that people’s concerns about housing have receded ‘across the board’ over the last year. Most dramatically, the numbers saying that negative equity is a problem has slumped in the last 12 months by more than 10%. Concerns about stamp duty rates have seen a near identical drop."

Wayne Tonge, Head of Sales, BLP Insurance, says: “As confidence in the housing market makes a welcome return homeowners must keep their feet on the ground. When the market recovers and the money starts to flow, standards will potentially drop and aspiring homeowners should be taking steps to protect one of the largest investments they are ever likely to make. While increasing construction goes hand in hand with falling standard, homeowners can protect themselves and their homes when something goes wrong.”

Read the full article at the Property Reporter website.


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