More end-to-end involvement

BLP protects the interests of any specialist involved in construction. From architects, consultants, and construction lawyers, through to funders, investors and insolvency practitioners, we offer robust insurance cover and proactive advice on your insurance requirements. 

Explore the BLP promise:

  • Trust: The vast majority of our policies are underwritten by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE, an AA rated global insurer, with support from other recognised global insurance companies when the risk demands it.

  • PI: A full subrogation waiver is available to the contractor and the entire professional team thereby complementing and protecting their PI covers.

  • Ease: Our cover has a once-only cost which does away with the need for the builder or developer to provide an annual membership fee, additional security and financial bonds, although additional security may be required for an SPV from a parent company.

  • Speed: Full structural risk transfer from inception of the policy enables the owner / purchaser to claim directly from the policy from day one, with the exception of water ingress in the first year.

  • Continuity: Our unique policy insures the building rather than the builder or developer.

  • Lender approval: BLP has mortgage provider acceptance from the UK's major lenders (listed as Building Life Plans or BLP on the CML/UK Finance website.

  • Inclusive: We can offer bespoke full cover to meet your clients' needs and enable the entire professional team to benefit.

  • Simple: Acceptable claims are payable on discovery of the defect. The policy does not require evidence of negligence to respond. 

  • Direct: When requested inclusion of the whole construction team means that there is less reliance on collateral warranties provided by contractors and sub-contractors.

  • Comprehensive: Products offer up to 12 years cover for structural defects, M&E services defects and premature failure of building components including M&E items; protection for loss of rental income, alternative accommodation costs and relocation.

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