Full cover and reassurance all round

BLP offers an 'insurance' rather than a 'warranty'. There is no two-year Developer Warranty Period under a BLPSECURE Policy. BLP’s standard full cover policy can be applied to schemes in receivership or those purchased from an Insolvency Practitioner. This gives homeowners, funders and investors, the full cover and comfort they need.

The insurance option has further benefits for those involved with schemes in receivership. BLP covers the building, rather than the builder, which means that transfer of ownership poses no problems and replacing contractors or professionals is simply not an issue.

More than reputation

A builder's or developer’s reputation is a decisive factor when considering the quality of a property. Homeowners will always want a reliable policy in place, however, regardless of proven track records. If anything goes wrong, a glowing track record does not put it right. 

BLP provides residential housing warranty insurance for the structure and, in some circumstances, for the non-structural elements of a property. 

  • Peace of mind: The vast majority of our policies are underwritten by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE, an AA rated global insurer, with support from other recognised global insurance companies when the risk demands it.
  • Foundations for confidence: We will have properly assessed the build project from design through to workmanship on site, to help minimise the chance of future defects.
  • Rapid resolution: If a defect does arise, you won't have to prove who is to blame, just that there is a defect that has caused physical damage. BLP does the rest - just contact us with the details.

The BLP promise to Insolvency Practitioners:

  • We remove the complexity; one simple form to fill in. 
  • Our risk assessment is flexible and pragmatic, based on the realities of our industry and the real-life problems we have solved over many years
  • We base the price of our insurance on rebuild cost and extent of works completed with no builder 'rating scale' to limit your/the developer's choice of contractor

BLP is accepted by all major lenders. 

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We pride ourselves on providing proactive solutions within our Project Management and Quantity and Monitoring Surveying Services. We can always rely on BLP’s innovative approach to meet our clients’ demands by delivering the level of service required in today’s market place.

Peter Vosser, Senior Partner - P.G. Vosser & Associates

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