BLP offers durability assessments recognised by lenders and by the HCA, keeping best practice at the forefront of robust and sustainable building development.

Smarter materials and component selection

BLP’s Research and Development Team has undertaken durability assessments on a wide range of the most commonly used components and materials. 

Encouraging and supporting innovation

Then they have taken the process a step further; conducting the same rigorous tests on unfamiliar and innovative systems; providing reassurance on their long-term performance. 

This service enables designers and developers to fully understand the implications of component and material selection in terms of ongoing maintenance and replacement requirements, and the associated costs. 

We do not require systems to have undergone independent testing or accreditation before considering them for inclusion as part of a scheme insured for latent defects. 

BLP can undertake durability assessments and lifecycle comparisons on modern methods of construction (MMC) to demonstrate suitability for use on Housing Association projects.

For more information on any of BLP's consultancy services, please contact Jeff Maxted, Director of Technical Consultancy on 07917 265713 or get in touch via email.

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