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How do I know if I am within the period of insurance?

The original developer will have provided documents to you via the conveyancer, including the Policy Document and the Certificate of Insurance. Part of the conveyance process includes enquires and reporting to you that the premises have a warranty in place.

Within the Policy Document is the Schedule, which states the cover period. The Period of Insurance generally runs from the Date of Issue on the Certificate of Insurance or the date of the first entry on the Land Registry, whichever is later and where they are within 12 months of each other. If the date of first entry is more than the 12 months from the date of issue, the period of insurance runs from the date of issue on the Certificate.

The date of first entry is normally the completion date of the first purchase / transfer of the property.

What does my Policy cover?

Your defects insurance cover is in force for defects arising in the structural elements and the weatherproofing and waterproofing envelope of the building. All valid claims are subject to an excess which will be shown on the Schedule in your Policy.

You may also be covered for failure of other components in the remainder of the building.  If you are this will be shown in the Schedule in your Policy.

Your defects insurance will respond to problems, known as Damage, arising from undiscovered defects during construction.

You should maintain and service the property and services in line with all manufacturers’ recommendation, or the details in the handover documents provided to you by the developer. Additionally, keep gutters, downpipes and channel drains clean and clear and drainage should be checked to ensure that it performs.

What is not covered?

  • Ingress of Water that occurs in the first 12 months from completion is the developers responsibility to investigate and rectify.  If you have issues with the developer BLP can offer a Negotiated Settlement service, please refer to your Policy Document for further details.
  • Snagging items are generally not classed as structural defects and the Policy does not make a provision for this type of claim. Your developer may operate a process to rectify snagging within a period of time as part of the terms of the sale. In most circumstances, the developer may be a member of a Consumer Code that means that they have agreed to a minimum set of standards for conduct.
    • If you have Snagging items, at the first completion or that occur in the first 2 years from completion, these should be notified in writing to the developer to respond. The Code follows a process where you are unable to agree on the snagging items or reach a resolution. At this point you should;
  • First request a copy of their complaints process and make a written complaint to the developer.
  • Allow 30 days for the developer to make a response.
  • Allow a further 60 days to agree the items and timeline or trades required to rectify the outstanding issues.
  • After the timeline has passed, and there is no agreement to resolve the complaint, this could be classed as a dispute under the Code, and we can provide access to the dispute resolution service. You should contact BLP who will advise you on the next steps under the relevant Code.
  • Issues such as flooding, storm damage to roofs and windows, pipe work damaged through DIY, broken or damaged window glazing, will not be covered by your Latent Defects insurance and should be referred to the building insurer.

Please refer to your Policy Document, which details this is full.


All claims are initially handled by BLP’s specialist partner (TMCM) on behalf of Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE, UK Branch. Settlements and or repair works will be authorised by the insurers through a loss adjuster once the claim has been notified.

To notify us of a claim you should call or write to the BLP claims service quoting your Policy reference number and address. You will be asked for a brief summary of the claim or circumstance, and then be sent a claim form where the claim or circumstance appears relevant to the cover.

Completed claims forms should be sent to:

Email: claims@blpinsurance.com
Phone: 0207 204 2419
Post: Claims Department, BLP, 90 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 4ST, where this will be redirected to the Claims Handler.

The claims service is available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (excluding bank holidays), and will endeavour to answer your call first time. If we are busy assisting others and are unable to answer your call, please leave a message with your name, address and Policy number and we will return your call.

Please refer to your Policy Document, this details how to make a claim in full.

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