BLPASSET is an indemnity insurance product now being used increasingly in new build projects for commercial and mixed use developments. It is also known as Inherent Defects Insurance (IDI) originating from the French Decennial Liability Cover and promotes collaborative team working through inclusion of all of the construction team as beneficiaries, giving a single point of reference for remedying defects.

Our BLPASSET policy covers the:

  • Structure of the building, and optionally
  • Mechanical and electrical (M&E) services, and/or optionally
  • Building components

Our BLPASSET policy is designed to protect your property asset from building defect liability...

  • Reduces the risk of building defects occurring
  • Makes re-sale more attractive
  • Helps attract tenants as they are protected
  • Creates a more leasable / saleable property
  • Means less exposure to warranty or PI claims
  • Helps ensure occupancy
  • Covers the building (it's not a warranty on the work)

It is our hassle free solution to repairs, which doesn’t rely on proof of negligence, just proof of defect, which ensures your claim procedure is swift and straightforward.

Summary of Cover

For more on BLPASSET please call us on 020 7204 2424.


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